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April 18, 2011 1 Comment

Hat’s off to the problem PB bars and restaurants who are doing such a great job ruining our community’s name.

I’m accused of being sensationalistic and anti-PB–hurting our communities image in the public eye. News Flash: I’m not the only one. Here’s what some reviewers say about PB:

Amber Elizabeth M. – San Diego, CA – 4/4/11
After begrudgingly paying the cover on a Friday and squeezing my way through the dense crowd I made my way to the ladies room where I was surprised to find a bartender. Serving drinks. In the bathroom.


I got a cute little champagne drink in a plastic champagne flute adorned with a glow bracelet! The novelty of a bathroom bartender made my night complete.

The rest of the bar feels like a Mexican spring break club, full of drunk people, loud music and girls trying to be sexy and rubbing their butts on things.

Perfect for that authentic “Spring Break at the Beach” experience without having to cross the border!

Giovanni V. – San Diego, CA – 4/12/11
don’t like PB in general so this place automatically gets deducted stars just for its location. Let’s see, we grabbed a table by the bar in the back. A waitress came by and told us she would be bringing our drinks that night. It took her a long time to come back every time even though the bar was right next to us. Everyone in the club just looks really douchey and all the girls look like bimbos. The music in there is so loud that I was shouting the the entire time to be able to communicate with the 4 other people at my table. They don’t do pitchers, which i thought was pretty freakin stupid. The ONLY saving grace is that they had $3 shots of American Honey. It’s all we ordered the couple of hours we were here so our bill was cheap. But even then, it’s hard to enjoy your drinks when you’ve got The Tavern at the Beach surrounding you. Props for the cheap, good booze but other than that I don’t want to come back here.

Karen F. – San Diego, CA – 7/15/2010
PB, sadly, has become a neighborhood of drunks and freaks. It’s sad to see a once family town now the home for a large population of losers. I feel sorry for the decent, respectful people who live there and who have to put up with the increasing number of morons.

CJ P. – San Diego, CA – 1/23/2011
College kids, homeless people, and lots of bars. Pacific Beach aka PB is a great place to hang out or live if your idea of fun is care free and willing to spend the money to do so. It’s not cheap to rent or own but its definitely a place to find decent food, beautiful sunsets, and a good time. One of the best and more distinctive communities in San Diego.

Kristin F. – San Diego, CA
You know what sucks about living in PB if you care about the aesthetic condition of your vehicle and aren’t fortunate to have a reserved parking space? STREET PARKING.

My poor baby. The dings and scrapes–all relatively minor, thank goodness–that she’s acquired during her 2+ years of PB life make me want to cry.

I’ve walked out to my car to find dried sticky soda (pop) poured on the windshield and hood.
I’ve walked out to my car to find the windshield wipers raised.
I’ve walked out to my car to find a pole from an uprooted real estate sign resting on the bumper.
I’ve walked out to my car to find a muddy shoe print on a side window.
I’ve walked out to my car to find a beer can resting on the roof.

And this morning I walked out to my car to find the side mirrors folded back. Real nice.

Drunk morons, keep your f-ing hands/feet/beverages/etc. off my vehicle! Have an ounce of respect, would you?


Mike C. – San Diego, CA – 9/8/2010
…There is a wide range of people out there, and although it may not be the safest place to be at night, especially near the bar areas, but overall, it is still a decent place to hang out. Just keep yourself on alert, that’s my advice for you.

Huggy B. – Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA – 7/22/2010
I moved to PB in November, and the verdict is…

I LOVE IT HERE! I am a Surfer, Day Drinker, Runner, Skirt-Chaser, Club-Goer, Bar-B-Qer, and a Beach Baby. PB supports all facets of my life. Therefore, I love living here and I will definitely be here for at least a few more years.

PB is definitely more suited to the 20’s age group. It’s loud, belligerent, a little immature, and most importantly, FUN! It is most definitely one of those places you outgrow, but until then, I LOVE PB!

-Great Weather
-Nice, well-maintained beach
-Friendly people
-Great Nightlife
-TONS of awesome places to eat and cheap happy hours everywhere!)
-Plenty of good-looking women
-Non-Pretentious, laid-back atmosphere

-Loud and filled to the brim with kids who just discovered alcohol.
-Traffic can get bad on Sat/Sun (esp. during summer)
-Parking is a nightmare (but not as bad as OB)
-No drinking on the beach (LAME! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars.)

Danny W. – San Diego, CA – 11/9/2009
The other night I had drinks with a friend. As we walked into the bar she commented on how eerily calm PB was that evening.

Several cocktails later we walked from Nicks at the Beach to Santana’s Burritos right about the time all the bars close. For those not in the know that is pretty much the tour of PB. On our journey we were exposed to almost every stereotype of this area, which inspired me to share our tale in this review. Everything in this Yelp, while potentially exaggerated due to the fact I was a few sheets to the wind myself, is all true.

Our first encounter came at the corner of Cass St. and Grand Ave. when a taxi full of college aged drunkards whizzed by and screamed obscenities at me for no reason other than I was walking with a pretty girl. I laughed, looked at my friend, and debated getting a taxi because we knew more heckling was in store for us. “Nah it’s a nice evening. Lets do some people watching on Garnet.” My friend said.

Our next run-in came as we walked by one of my least favorites, Bar West. There we ran into the following: a guy pissing in between two cars, 3 bouncers surrounding some dude with a straight-bill hat who was mumbling something about finding his girl, a sea of skimpily dressed ditzes, meatheads in Ed Hardy Shirts, and couples of both playing suck face and grab-ass.

Shortly after that we were approached by two hammered tourists with a Texas accent who asked, “Got any idea where we can get some pizza round here at this hour buckaroo?” The guys were nice considering how hammered they were so I whipped out the Yelp app. on my nifty I-phone, and hooked em up with a couple numbers for delivery. “Thanks partner! Go get yourself v@**** tonight,” one bellowed from across the street.

On with the tour we came to the jungle (Garnet Ave). We crossed paths with two hooligans kicking a cell phone down the sidewalk until we reached the bar area outside of Plum Crazy. There was the hilarious scene of two police officers accosting what looked like a sober guy, while behind their backs on the other side of the street some wasted idiot was lying in the middle of the road. His friends scurried to pick him up and they disappeared into the darkness before the police even noticed they were there.

On the homestretch there were several other make-out scenes and drive-by-screamings until we reached the safe zone past Ingram.

And now for my final thought à la Jerry Springer:

Make sure you have a sense of humor when you come to this part of town, because if you don’t it can make for a pretty disastrous evening. While there are some very obvious annoyances that occur here there’s also some great parts about the area. (Aussie Pub, Cass Street Bar and Grill, the actual beach and boardwalk, Bareback, PB Rec center to name a few)

Every neighborhood has pro’s and cons. It’s unfortunate that PB sometimes gets a bad rep due to the juvenile behavior after the sun goes down, because I don’t think it is as bad as many say

Jeremy H. – San Diego, CA – 5/10/2010
god I hate this place. One bathroom. Biggest meathead bouncers in the city. “Last call” is immediately followed by “get the hell out even though you just payed for a drink or I’ll punch you in the face”

Cabo, please just go away. You are the shitstain in PB’s draws.

gail p. – San Diego, CA – 10/3/2010
I know that it will be considered sacrilege to take it out on Pacific Beach, but here goes, If you are young, immature, horny, like to drink and get drunk-then PB is for you. Once a nice, family-friendly beach town back in the good ole days, now PB is full of tatted Ed Hardy-wearing douche-bag men. They are inordinately buff and drink a lot of beer. Catch them ogling chicks down near Crystal Pier. Then there is what I like to call “PB skanks.” That would be a trashy chick, usually one that moves from a cold-weather state and now thinks she’s all that cuz she’s at the beach in California. This “babe” will hit all the bars skimpily-dressed, stay till closing-where she leaves barefoot with whatever goon got her drunkest.
Bars, bars, and more bars! Cops with a quota would do well to park their cruiser at 2 AM near Garnet Avenue and wait for the easiest DUI pickings around. Plenty of hobo’s and bums ride bikes all over town

Now before you get all huffy and say I am just jealous or wish I had hot drunk guys buying me drinks, realize I am no PB virgin. I have partied there before and there are a few decent restaurants like the French Gourmet that I enjoy patronizing. So glad PB ditched the PB Block Party-it was a traffic-snarling, drunken free-for-all. To keep things positive-the best Henry’s is in P.B. That Arco on Grand and Lamont has some cheap gas! The PB Von’s grocery store Yelps all agree=buff guys and cute girls shop there! Real live, retired NY Jews buy bagels and take their little dogs into Einsteins Bagels and Bruegger’s Bagels along Garnet Ave. The Broken Yolk Cafe is da bomb! Buffalo Breath is awesome! Once I worked at Campland, and enjoyed my time there. My daughter met a nice boyfriend at PB Bar & Grill. There are great bike paths that wind around Mission Bay in PB. Singer Jewel once lived in her VW van in PB and hung out at the Denny’s on Mission and Garnet. Years ago there used to be a FANTASTIC Italian eatery named Guilio’s down near the beach that had the best Shrimp Scampi in the whole world!

In the end, the great assets of Pacific Breach that I just finished noting equal out the groddy ones such as bars, bums, and boozy broads. Which demands the proverbial middle Yelp ground= 3 YELP Stars for Pacific Beach!

Erika L. – San Diego, CA – 9/7/2010
PB, I salute you for the vital service you provide San Diego. Like a “roach motel” attracts unwanted bugs, you provide a hangout for the douchebag bros of San Diego so that more interesting areas of the county remain untainted by the infestation. Thank you!

Kara H. – Chicago, IL – 5/28/2009
…Do you like to have sexual adventures with meathead Pacific Beach boys as a source of entertainment because you’re bored with life and the general outlook of your life in the near future, so you hook up with these boys even though they say things like “Sup bro, sup?” and act like raging dickheads and get stupid drunk when alcohol is around them, but you stopped giving a care about standards because its the weekend after all and this PB-residing guy who is only fooling himself by thinking he is still “young and college-aged” (his words, even though he is pushing 30) has a REALLY. HOT. BOD, so you push away your internal disgust at his juvenile antics and you muffle the little voice inside you that says “NOOOO! Don’t do it!” ?

Karen F. – San Diego, CA – 7/15/2010
PB, sadly, has become a neighborhood of drunks and freaks. It’s sad to see a once family town now the home for a large population of losers. I feel sorry for the decent, respectful people who live there and who have to put up with the increasing number of morons.

The T. – San Diego, CA -4/19/2010
The mere mention of P.B. makes me shudder. Every time I meet a girl who is a little too whored up for her own good, I don’t even have to ask, I just tell them, “You live in PB don’t you.” And the typical response is, “Oh. My. Gawd! That is sooooo weird! Because I was just telling Becky how much I looove living in PB because I can get wasted at the Shore Club and always meet the hottest guys there! How did you know I lived there? That is soooo weird!” And in the ten minutes it takes for me to extricate myself from the hell of this conversation, ten musclebound frat boys/navy dudes all wearing Affliction t-shirts and/or Ed Hardy this or that have come up and started glaring at me because I’m talking to their whore. The bars here are horrible, there is never anywhere to park, and I’m fairly sure there isn’t an “adult” living in a ten mile radius. Oh, and forget about getting in or out of PB during any normal hour. Unless you have forty-five minutes to kill.
It would get zero stars except for the fact that Rocky’s is there and there are isolated pockets of civility, but those are mostly to the north and east.

Nikol P. – San Diego, CA – 7/15/2010
…The Ugly!!!

unless you live there or are in your early 20’s who doesn’t mind the frat house environment of booze, booze, and more booze; don’t bother going there at night. The fights, noise and level of disrespect for others is enough to drive the munks at the Hare Krishna temple mad. If you plan on looking for a place to live, leave PB out. Unless you don’t mind your neighbors partying until 630 am on a Tuesday. There is constantly someone digging in your trash for recyclables. You will find your vehilce messed with on a daily basis. (even in reserved parking) and the sounds of sirens will keep you entertained during the day. If you call the SDPD out because you have asked your neighbors 15 times to turn their music down that can be heard 3 blocks down…. don’t expect them to show up. I have found the following: alcohol sitting on my hood from the night previous; a man urinating in my front garden area; my vehicle had new dents and dings in it; puke in my front lawn; a man passed out on my lawn; and more.

Overall, can’t wait for my lease to end so I can find a place that is not like a frat house once the sun sets.

Nick T. – San Diego, CA – 4/6/2009
I love PB.I used to live in PB. I wouldnt mind living in PB again. I think its a great area with all these little shops and cafes and restaurants and beautiful girls running around. Of course the beaches arent half bad either. However…

Factor in frat guys, bros and drunk knuckleheads who are from the south or the midwest or Arizona and PB automatically becomes one of the worst places to hang out at or visit in San Diego.

Dylan O. – San Diego, CA – 6/22/2007

Oh god… I’ll try not to rant.

PB is great… if you:

A) are a frat boy
B) are a NAVY guy
C) are an alcoholic
D) moved here for college, droped out and never moved back
E) like to wear sandals with jeans and a buttondown shirt
F) All of the above

2 stars because of the beach

Jeff L. – San Diego, CA – 8/1/2008
I love you, PB, but I hate your fan club.

It’s not just about the PB Guys (see review, titled as such), or the skanky girls (no offense, everyone loves skanks!), but it’s something deeper. Something embedded in the culture.

Every once in a while I’ll have a day so bad that it seems to spell B-A-R, but this isn’t my mantra. My goal in life is not to drink enough Guinness to turn my blood black. And I’m trying to do the opposite of collecting when it comes to STD’s. Perhaps this is why PB and I have our differences.

PB is the never-ending frat party: this part of San Diego single-handedly keeps Pabst in business and beer pong a sanctioned sport. I’m pretty sure it was a PB guy who created the beer pong Wii game.

Sometimes I think I’m too harsh on it. In a way, PB is like OB, with booze instead of weed and black shirts instead of tie-dye and cops instead of mail boxes. But the difference is that OB has a care free attitude that doesn’t disrupt the flow of life around them.

Them – “Legalize weed! We’re smoking it anyway! You can even tax it!”
Me – “Amen, brother. I don’t smoke but more power to you!”

Them – “I’m too tough for this crosswalk to tell me it isn’t my turn to walk! I’m just gonna walk out in the street and flip off anyone who honks!”
Me – *THUD* “Must have been a big cat or something.

It’s really too bad since the beach is so nice and there are some cool businesses that have been there forever, but I just can stand to put up with the people anymore.

I think I can summarize PB in a nutshell with one quote a friend, who lives in PB, said:

“I woke up last night to police sirens. Well, I thought it was police sirens. It turns out it was one of the guys who lives behind me making a police siren noise in a megaphone at 3 in the morning.”

Ken L. – San Diego, CA – 7/1/2008
1. It’s a typical dumpy beach ghetto during the day, but I avoid this place at night. I don’t care how much this place is improved (with Firehouse, Tower 23 and Bar West), it’s still San Diego’s answer to Dogtown. If you do go (during the day), it’s best if you go north on Ingraham because of the hectic traffic westbound on Grand/Garnet…and park on Grand.

2. Have you seen those commercials for “Girls Gone Wild”? PB has a whole lot of those girls. I would like to do them, but I am afraid I might catch something that I would regret later on. PB at night is not for sophisticated people like yours truly.

Eddie P. – San Diego, CA – 7/26/2008
PB = Epic. Fail.

Hi, I’m Captain Awesome. Check me out! Can I buy you a drink? I really don’t give a fuck about what you do or who you’re here with as long as you go home with me tonight and I can get you out of your short skirt with as little liquid panty remover as possible. Did I mention I was on the crew team in college?

The very next night:
I’m sorry, I forgot your name already, but I promise I’ll call you tomorrow! Don’t be sad, this is what you girls like anyway since you come back here night after night and it keeps happening. I’m not a bad guy. I’m what you call an enabler, and to be honest, I just wanted to sleep with you…. hey what’s your friends name? Is she single–fuck it I don’t care.


Greg B. – San Diego, CA – 4/25/2009
What a flaming pile of shit.

People who come here every once in a while for a day at the beach may really enjoy the area. But for people who have to go through this junk of a community every day? Holy crap. First let me say that the people are NOT the reason I dislike PB. Yeah, every once in a while you come across some roided up frat boy who can’t think for himself and who’s a total d-bag, but, in general, the people here are nice.

What sucks about this place? The streets. The ridiculous congestion. The lights. The bums. The general suckiness that reeks from it on a daily basis. The drunks, although I think the booze ban is helping improve that issue.

So, yeah…go to Mission instead.

Christine C. – San Diego, CA – 12/31/2006
PB is really a thorn in my side. Going out here gets old fast, but it is one of the few places in SD where you can find a vibrant night life every night of the week. Garnet is full of bars that have drink specials all week long so drinking and dancing until 2 a.m. can be done any night of the week and you would be amazed at how many people go out Monday through Thursday.

Yet, PB is pretty annoying. The place is a meat market. I sometimes relish in observing the mating rituals of the 25 and under when I go out here. There are a lot of young, single guys who live in PB and most of them are constantly on the hunt for their hook up. The girls, who live in PB are usually, young, blond, cute, party-friendly, and they always complain how it’s impossible to meet a decent man in PB.

PB definitely represents the California dream because it is a Beach city full of young and attractive people who love to party, but most of the residents in PB are not from California. There have been so many times where some I’ve talked to some dude from Wisconsin who moved to SD to work for a debt consolidation company and they always tell me how much they love PB because of the parties and blonds. A lot of foreigners also move to PB to chase the California dream, especially Brazilians.

But, PB isn’t very real, it is like Disneyland for hormone-infused, booze loving youngsters.

Nicole C. – Honolulu, HI – 7/9/2009

Great fun beach to go to if you are not looking for peace and quiet!

Anna b. – San Diego, CA -2/5/2009

I wish I could give zero stars…..

Three words: drunks, sluts and bro-dudes…

I stay away at all costs.

David S. – San Diego, CA – 6/10/2007
PB is a right a passage. It’s a turnstile, if you will: we all have lived there at some point it seems. Myself, I lived in 4 different residences, all within blocks of each other. However, that was 8 years ago, and I couldn’t fathom living there anymore. Yet, I still have a soft spot for the area.

The thing I both love and hate about PB is that nothing ever changes. Anyone that tells PB has changed is lying to you. 10 years ago, there were meatheads in many of the same bars that still exist today. These meatheads would cruise up and down Garnet picking fights and sexually harassing women, just as they do today. The ladies would put on their most revealing outfits and fool said meat heads into buying them a drink or 7, just as they do today. 10 years ago, there were plenty of greasy taco shops and far too many sushi restaurants, just like today.

So, for what it is and what it was, there is something predictable and authentic about PB. It’s a love it or leave it type of place, but there are no hidden tricks.

Still, just past the stench and predictability of Garnet ave lies an authentically beautiful, peaceful beach. Unfortunately, it’s a sight many people never know is there. For many, it’s merely a spot to stop and pee while on their way home from Plum Crazy.

Ashleigh O. – San Diego, CA – 7/2/2007
UGH….is the sound I make when someone suggests we meet them at a bar in PB for ANY reason. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the PB scene when I was 21-22-23 but it pretty much ended there. In my mid twenties I started to realize that it is full of nothing but drunken idiots who always want to fight (for no apparent reason) AND obnoxious, trashy chicks who squeal with delight when one of the said drunken idiots suggests they take a body shot off their friends rack. Which begs the question….was I ever one of these people? Gosh I hope not.

I’ve been to PB twice in the last two months for friends birthdays at various bars and at 29, it has only reaffirmed my loathing of this place. Both nights we were there we encountered the following at least once at EVERY bar:

-no parking
-lots of Po-Po (police)
-LONG lines to get in the bars
-a drunk a**hole trying to start sh*t with someone in our group
– drunk a**holes laying passed out on the concrete by the entrance of two different bars
-a homeless guy (who looked like Mr. Miagi) with a plastic American flag tied around his head asking for money or ciggies like 5 times
-drinks spilled on you by someone you don’t know
-a**holes grabbing various parts of your body or other girls bodies in our group
-puke on the sidewalk and in one of the bathroom stalls on the floor

There are plenty of places I’d like to spend my time and money…..PB (on a weekend night anyway) is NOT one of those places!

Oshin K. – San Diego, CA – 5/31/2008
As I was told by a friend before moving out to PB from the Northeast, it’s a right of passage. I wouldn’t be considered a citizen of San Diego County until I did my time in PB. And it has been… different.

I do love the area, but a couple of things knock it down. For the pros:

– Living within walking distance of the beach is very nice and the boardwalk is about the most stereotypically “California” thing I’ve seen since moving out here.

– Pretty solid community vibe during the week. The people that actually live in the neighborhood are pretty down.

– Solid shops. The thrift shops are pretty decent, though on the clothes front they are lacking. For weird electronic crap though I’ve found some bargains. The Coffee shops here are great as well.

The Cons:

– Getting in or out is a gigantic pain.

– The nightlife for the most part gets old… fast. This is due almost entirely to the crowds that head in there on the weekends. It was cool for the first 6 or so months, but after that… blech. There are maybe 2 bars that I frequent at this point.

It would’ve been great if I moved here immediately after I turned 21.

– There is maybe a 70% chance that you will have neighbors that will wake you up in some way semi-frequently.

Sami S. – San Diego, CA – 6/22/2008
I wish I was cool…actually strike that I am so glad I’m not a total douche bag poser. The beach is for wiffleball, shoes, drinking and general slacking purposes only. The powers that be took the best part of the beach away from us so now we’re left with the rest of the summer to ponder the level of baggyness that exists in PB. I give it about an 81/2 on the douchebag scale…you??

The stars for this beach are for the sheer beauty of the place. You cannot look up or down the beach without thinking how lucky you are to live here.

Don’t get me wrong I love the eye candy, its more the arrogant immature behavior that bothers me. I’m so sorry I’m not 100lbs soaking wet and blond…does that mean I don’t exist??

I went out last night after the beach and wondering around I thought to myself…why did god put these people on this earth? And WHY do they have to take up such an awesome part of town.

I’d much rather hang at OB or better yet Coronado but no one will drive out there :(

carlos c. – La Jolla, CA – 1/9/2007
Go to PB to run on the beach or surf or go buy a bong or get a tattoo
( ooh! what an ORIGINAL idea…)

If your IQ is above 110 don’t go here ( save Cafe 976) for nightlife. The vibe makes Animal House seem sophisticated.

Good place to watch the boardwalk life, visitors, young wanna-bes, homeless, surfer-dude(tte)s…

Seeing a mid 40’s couple in board shorts playing Frisbee on Xmas day 2000 is one of my most vivid SD memories.

Christy V. – San Diego, CA – 5/30/2007
Pacific Beach is unfortunately too easy to mock. The abundance of barbed wire tattoos and ass antlers, bottle blonds and bros walking (and often stumbling) up and down Garnet and along the beach give the area a bad rap. When you say to a San Diego local “Oh my gosh, I was stuck next to this total PB Girl at the game last night–I thought I was going to be involved in a grisly murder-suicide” he’ll know exactly what you mean. It’s to be expected in a college/military/beach town. But really, it’s unfair to let a stretch of road and a stretch of sand represent the entire community. Once you step off Garnet–physically or metaphorically–you’ll find a variety of shops, restaurants and watering holes not entirely dominated by the frat party set. A stroll down the boardwalk should provide plenty of entertaining people-watching, with the added thrill of dodging beach cruiser bicycles and rollerblades.

The residential neighborhoods in PB are comprised of the typical architectural mish-mash that is particular to beach communities. Homes ranging from tiny, beachy shacks to larger, ostentatious remodels line the streets, and the entire area is sprinkled with small apartment complexes. The residents are college kids, young families, and long-time San Diego residents, living in relative harmony.

There is a reason Pacific Beach is such a tourist destination: it represents the quintessential San Diego stereotype of sun and southern California. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for adults or locals. I’ve had plenty of great times here with friends and visitors. Just drive slowly and carefully to avoid hitting that beefcake trying to cruise to the beach on his new skateboard (the one he bought just to look like the kind of guy who skates to the beach. Check his form–he’s no skater).

Nick C. – San Diego, CA – 11/8/2007

If Lakeside was a beach, we would call it PB.

Mike S. – Los Angeles, CA – 9/15/2008
you will find this place to be awesome if you have pink sweatpants with a word like “BABY” or “JUICY” across the backside, or if you wear cargo shorts and wifebeaters at the same time.

the bars are gross, the people are gross, and the beach itself is gross. it doesn’t represent southern california at all. it seems like the only people that are ever in pacific beach are sunburned midwestern college kids in a blackout drunk.


Jan W. – San Diego, CA – 9/8/2008
Sure the beach is fun and there are some ok restuarants, but really, everything I hate about California beach life exists here. Tons of lame jocks (aka Chads) and lots of slutty dumb chicks (aka Trixies). Don’t get me wrong, there are some cool kids living there caught up amongst the Chads and Trixies, but for the most part this place really sucks and what sucks even more is that they like to come to my neighborhood on the weekend.

Paul P. – San Diego, CA – 4/8/2009

I can’t wait until a tsunami hits San Diego and swallows up PB. I occasionally go to PB since I have some friends who live there. Almost every time I’ve gone out to the bars there I have witnessed a fight. I’ve actually been lucky enough to get sucker punched there while waiting for a burrito. As much as I hate this part of SD I actually don’t mind hanging out there during the day. It seems like as soon as the sun goes down all the douche bags come out.

Kipper S. – Asheville, NC – 6/26/2008

I don’t go here unless there’s some sort of life or death situation occurring.

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  1. This comment is for gail p. – San Diego, CA – 10/3/2010: Giulio’s still exists, now called Jack (Giulio’s son) and Giulio’s. It’s in Old Town at 2391 San Diego Avenue, just north of the point where Congress St. and San Diego Ave split. And scampi Giulio is still as sublime as ever. And their front patio is one of the most pleasant places on earth.

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UPDATE: Bad (horrible) day in Pacific Beach – man seriously injured by alleged DUI driver dies

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5 injured in car accident in Pacific Beach this morning – Possible DUI

Five people are injured after a black Nissan Titan ran a red light in Pacific Beach at around 9:45...

Priest arrested on suspicion of DUI after driving car into building

Ed. Note: My intent is to not be publicly shaming anyone. I wouldn’t normally post this if the fact...

Current Situation and Proposal

This site illustrates problems in a neighborhood of alcohol outlets that are highly concentrated – Pacific Beach. For our...

San Diego police say an overnight DUI checkpoint in Pacific Beach nets 12 arrests

612 vehicles passed through checkpoint An overnight sobriety and driver license checkpoint in Pacific Beach netted 12 arrests for...

Car Crashes into PB Home

Mercedes rammed nearly halfway through the house A suspected drunk driver lost control and crashed into a home in...

DUI checkpoints planned over holiday weekend

The San Diego Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting DUI and drivers license checkpoints at undisclosed locations within...

Pedestrians injured in drunk driving hit-and-run

A man is seriously injured after being hit by a drunk driver in Pacific Beach overnight. A man and...

Bullocks – PB’s Newest Billboard – ~1,100 Sq. Ft.?

Bullocks to this. It looks like the former Jack Daniels billboard, which took over about 1,100 sq. ft. of...

Man jailed after ramming police car in Pacific Beach

A man landed in jail Sunday hours after San Diego police say he beat and choked his girlfriend in...

Garnet Avenue DUI checkpoint nets (14) arrests

San Diego Police officers arrested 14 suspected drunken drivers and impounded 15 cars last night during a DUI Checkpoint...

SDPD Weekend DUI Checkpoints Net 34 Arrests (16 in PB), 37 Impounds

The San Diego Police Department Traffic Division conducted DUI checkpoints on Friday September 7, 2012, and on Saturday, September...

SDPD Labor Day Weekend DUI Checkpoints Net 28 DUI Arrests

The San Diego Police Department conducted three DUI checkpoints during the Labor Day Holiday weekend. The checkpoints were made...

Suspected drunk driver runs over friend

A suspected drunk driver is behind bars after hitting a woman while backing out of a parking space in...

16 Arrested at Pacific Beach DUI Checkpoint

San Diego police in Pacific Beach arrested 16 people on suspicion of drunken driving and impounded 17 vehicles during...

Pacific Beach Checkpoint Nets 6 Arrests

Six people were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs at an overnight checkpoint...

Pacific Beach DUI Checkpoint Nets 16 Arrests, 17 Vehicles Impounded

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – San Diego police arrested 16 drivers on suspicion of drunken driving and impounded 17 vehicles...

Woman Injured In Hit-And-Run In Pacific Beach

Woman Was Crossing Street At Grand Avenue, Cass Street PACIFIC BEACH, Calif. — A woman was rushed to the...

Suspected DUI crash shuts down Ingraham in PB

View more videos at: Source: View a slideshow from 10News San Diego. UT San Diego Report on...

Jack Daniels Gets in on the Action

One issue with all the alcohol problems we experience is we draw even more marketers of alcohol products. Just...

Police Searching For Hit-And-Run Driver In PB Crash

SAN DIEGO — Police on Tuesday are searching for a hit-and-run driver who hit at least two vehicles in...

(DUI Crash) Driver ordered to pay friend’s medical costs

Driver ordered to pay friend’s medical costs A judge ordered a drunken driver to pay more than $7,500 in...

San Diego police arrest 9 DUI suspects during St. Patty’s Day checkpoints

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – San Diego police officers arrested nine suspected drunken drivers at a downtown checkpoint and extra...

Suspected DUI driver runs over woman lying in Hillcrest alley

A suspected drunken driver allegedly ran over a 27-year-old woman who was lying in a Hillcrest alley early Saturday,...

Woman Found Unconscious In PB May Have Been (Sexually) Assaulted

22-Year-Old Found Drunk, Partially Nude In Alley A 22-year-old woman found drunk, unconscious and partially nude in a Pacific...

Coronado Residents Concerned Over Alcohol Permits – San Diego News Story – KGTV San Diego

Some longtime Coronado residents are concerned that their town could soon mimic the bar scene in Pacific Beach or...

PB Shore Club wins Expansion bid

The Pacific Beach Shore Club was approved by the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) to expand their premises onto a...

Rally, walk targets Proliferation of alcohol permits in PB

Concerned citizens walk past Crystal Pier on Jan. 27 on their way up Garnet Avenue to get their message...

Judgment Finalized In Legal Battle Over Golden Hill MAD

The judgment is final. Now, a group of residents in Golden Hill and South Park — who have spent...

Charger sued in 2009 bottle incident

A man has filed a lawsuit against San Diego Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips alleging the player broke a Champagne...

Man Seriously Hurt In Pacific Beach Hit-And-Run

Man Had Just Got Out Of Taxi, Hit By Toyota Yaris, Police Say SAN DIEGO — A 28-year-old man...

Shots Reportedly Fired In Pacific Beach

Shots Reported Fired In 1800 Block Of Hornblend Street POSTED: 7:38 am PST January 19, 2012 SAN DIEGO —...

US ‘drunk driver’ swims off to escape arrest

This is an update of the story below. This story also made international news agencies also shown below. SAN...

Drunk in PB at 2AM? Cops in the Rear View Mirror? Ditch the Car, Disappear in the Ocean!

SAN DIEGO — Authorities searched for hours early Tuesday for a man suspected of drunken driving who ran away...

PB Resident Fights Bar’s Plans To Expand

See the video SAN DIEGO — A Pacific Beach resident told 10News on Tuesday he has proof that too...

3 Checkpoints Net 12 Drunken Driving Arrests

SAN DIEGO — Three checkpoints set up in Pacific Beach, Imperial Beach and Chula Vista overnight netted 12 suspected...

(DUI) Driver Crashes Into Fire Hydrant, Parked Car In PB (at 11am)

A suspected drunken driver was taken into custody Friday after crashing into a fire hydrant and a parked car...

Drunk man breaks into 81 Year Old PB woman’s home

An elderly woman in Pacific Beach woke up Friday morning to find a man in a Chargers jersey sleeping...

Pacific Beach Checkpoint Nets 12 Arrests

SAN DIEGO — San Diego police arrested a dozen people on suspicion of drunken driving and impounded nine vehicles...

Letter: San Diego’s Continuing Taxi Cab Scandal

This is a letter to the editor in response to the article by former Superior Court Judge Larry Sterling...

Another DUI Crash in PB

Early this morning an drunk driver crashed and most likely totaled a parked car on Grand Ave. at Mission...

Bike Police Catch 3 Armed Robbers in PB

Here’s a great story about police catching armed robbers utilizing their bicycle patrols. We’re trying to raise funds to...

KPBS Interview Community Leader, Businessman and ABC

This afternoon KPBS Radio featured a story on the PB Planning Group’s report on the alcohol licensing and CUP...

Officer Hurt After Car Crashes Into Police Car