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Checkpoint yields 13 Drunk Drivers and One Party Bus

May 2, 2010 No Comments

San Diego: Police conducted a DUI checkpoint in Pacific Beach and arrested 13 people Saturday night. The checkpoint was set up on Grand Avenue near Noyes street in front of Mission Bay High School about 9 p.m. and ran until 2:30 a.m., said Officer Mark McCullough. Of the 1.126 drivers that passed through, 40 were […]

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Pacific Beach DUI Checkpoint Yields Nineteen Arrests

March 14, 2010 3 Comments

This blog author witnessed a DUI checkpoint here in Pacific Beach last night which ended at 3 am. Many dedicated San Diego Police officers worked in very chilly weather screening over 1,000 drivers. All told 19 drunk drivers were taken off the road – potentially saving very avoidable disasters. Two people ran the checkpoint putting […]

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An open letter to San Diego and State officials and all colleagues

March 14, 2010 1 Comment

Here’s a letter I sent to our city and state leaders as well as many colleagues: Executive Summary: Visit, join newsletter, leave feedback on posts, invite others Dear Friends and colleagues, I wanted to invite you to visit a new website created to illustrate and document the levels of alcohol issues in Pacific Beach. […]

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6 Arrested in Chula Vista DUI Checkpoint

March 13, 2010 No Comments

Six motorists were arrested, including a fugitive sex offender, at a drunken driving checkpoint held in Chula Vista through early Saturday morning, police said. The checkpoint was operated on Third Avenue near Moss Street from 6 p.m. Friday to 2 a.m. Saturday. Officers arrested one driver on a warrant issued in Arizona for being a […]

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Pacific Beach DUI Checkpoints Record Breaking for San Diego

March 8, 2010 No Comments

Pacific Beach DUI checkpoints shown in red yield far more drunk drivers than most San Diego areas. Click the image for an enlarged image or click here for a PDF. Checkpoints are often seen as high-visibility reminders and not necessarily the most effective enforcement opportunity, i.e. compared to saturation patrols. However, in my limited-knowledge opinion […]

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Truer Words Never Spoken – PB Bar and Grill owner shares concern

March 7, 2010 4 Comments

Roger Lee, General Manager and family member that owns PB Bar and Grill, Tremors and Johnny V in Pacific Beach, when asked about the alcohol beach ban was quoted as saying: “I understand and appreciate the ban,” he says, “because I have seen firsthand how out of control these beach parties can be. I also […]

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Pacific Beach Alcohol Related Deaths and Serious Injuries – Who’s Next?

March 6, 2010 No Comments

In Memory Of Those Murdered or Critically Injured by Drunk Drivers in Pacific Beach This website was created to honor the memory of the many people who have been killed or critically injured by drunks, especially drunk drivers, who were drinking in Pacific Beach the day of their crime. Enough is enough. As a community […]

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Place of Last Drink – DUI Arrest Survey

March 6, 2010 No Comments

A year-round survey is conducted by asking impaired drivers, arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), to respond to a variety of questions. One major purpose is for researchers to determine the offender’s place of last drink (POLD). This is the location the arrested individual reported they had their last drink before being detained. The […]

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10 Arrested at DUI Checkpoint

February 14, 2010 No Comments

Ten people were arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, two others were given tickets and 11 vehicles were impounded at a drunken driving checkpoint that wrapped up early Sunday, San Diego police said. More than 1,000 vehicles passed through the checkpoint in the 1500 block of First Avenue between 10 p.m. Saturday and […]

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DUI Suspect Who Hit Three People Enters Plea

February 2, 2010 No Comments

SAN DIEGO – A motorist who drove his SUV into a parked car, then pulled onto a sidewalk and pinned three people against a wall, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to DUI and hit-and-run charges. Jon Arly Winchester, 26, was ordered held on $103,600 bail. Deputy District Attorney David Uyar told Judge Francis Devaney that Winchester […]

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Driver Slams Into Parked Car, Hits 3 While Fleeing

January 29, 2010 No Comments

3 Struck Were Outside The Silver Fox Lounge SAN DIEGO — A suspected drunken driver who slammed into a parked car and threw his vehicle into reverse in his haste to flee struck three pedestrians standing outside a Pacific Beach bar early Friday, police said. The driver was arrested at his home in nearby Clairemont […]

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PB drunk driver wrecks another’s car, knocks out water pipe and hits building

January 5, 2010 No Comments

A suspected drunk driver did a lot of damage this morning in Pacific Beach. About 1:40 am, after going out of control near the Catamaran Hotel, the driver hit a parked BMW, ran through a water pipe,  fence and then hit an apartment building, caving in the side of the structure. The San Diego Fire […]

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2009 San Diego Holiday DUI’s Skyrocket

January 2, 2010 No Comments

Three people were killed over the holiday period in San Diego, including a 21 year-old pregnant woman, Elaina Luquis-Ortiz by the suspected drunk driver Joseph Venegas, 40, of San Diego. Mrs. Luquis-Ortiz’s husband had only just returned from deployment in Iraq. Steven Luke of reports: “A huge spike in the number of drunk driving […]

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We Support Ignition Interlocks for Convicted Drunk Drivers

December 28, 2009 No Comments

Studies have shown that ignition interlocks can decrease repeat offenses by 64%. We have the technology and we know how to reverse the trend, but the laws haven’t been passed yet making this technology mandatory for ALL convicted DUI offenders. In the news: Two senators plan to introduce legislation Monday requiring convicted drunk drivers to […]

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The Wild West – for those who dare…

December 27, 2009 No Comments

Welcome to the blog. This blog focuses on alcohol-related issues in Pacific Beach, California. We look forward to helping continue the dialog about our significant alcohol-related issues so that we can together develop solutions.

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Designated Driver Booked For DUI After Fatal Crash

December 13, 2009 No Comments

SAN DIEGO — A man described as a designated driver was in custody Monday, booked for alleged DUI and vehicular manslaughter, following a fiery crash that killed a man in Torrey Pines, police said. Michael Patrick Landri was driving an Infiniti G35 that rear-ended a Volkswagen Passat at Genesee Avenue and Torrey Pines Road around […]

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DA: Cops Warned He Would ‘Kill Someone’

October 5, 2009 No Comments

Trial began Monday for a man accused of driving drunk and fatally striking a woman in a Pacific Beach crosswalk. Only prosecutors gave an opening statement at the trial of Alan Mabrey, 46, who investigators believe is responsible for the death of Emily Dowdy, 24. Dowdy was walking on Mission Boulevard at Reed Avenue in […]

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Eight Cars Wrecked by Suspected Drunk Driver in Pacific Beach

September 22, 2009 No Comments

PACIFIC BEACH – A suspected drunk driver in Pacific Beach crashed through a parking gate and then smashed into eight parked cars Tuesday morning. It happened shortly after 3 a.m. at the Avalon Apartment Complex at Jewell Street and Fortuna Avenue. The driver crashed through a parking gate and went out of control inside the […]

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Matthew Koerber | MADD DUI Officer of the Year

July 4, 2009 1 Comment

If you’re out driving drunk, there’s a good chance you’ll meet up with San Diego police Officer Matthew Koerber. Koerber arrested 320 drunken-driving suspects last year — the most DUI arrests in the county and second-most in the state. We recently spoke with San Diego’s 2008 DUI Officer of the Year about what he looks […]

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Local Doctor Has Seen Enough Drunk Driving Deaths

February 13, 2009 No Comments

Last Update: 2/13/2009 7:29 a Reported by Kristine Frazao Dr. Fred Simon was on duty Saturday night, when 24-year-old Emily Dowdy was rushed in to the hospital after being struck and killed by a drunk driver while crossing the street. While her case was one of the severe ones he sees, he said alcohol is […]

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Man pleads not guilty to murder in P.B. fatal hit-run

February 11, 2009 No Comments

By Dana Littlefield, UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 5:26 p.m. SAN DIEGO – A 45-year-old man accused of drunken-driving and hitting a pedestrian in Pacific Beach, causing her death, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to murder and other felony charges. Alan Mabrey is charged with killing Emily Cathleen Dowdy, 24, a shift supervisor […]

Assault, Drunk Drivers, Hit and Run

In Memory of Miss Emily Dowdy

February 5, 2009 No Comments

This website is in part a tribute to Miss Emily Dowdy who was tragically taken from her loving mom, family and friends by a 7-time convicted drunk driver, drawn to Pacific Beach to drink just days after being released from prison in Texas – for drunk driving. What are we going to do to be […]

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DUI checkpoint yields 6 arrests, 2 citations

May 12, 2008 No Comments

Deputies arrested six motorists and cited two others at a DUI checkpoint Saturday night in Vista. Six motorists were held on suspicion of drunken driving, and two motorists under 21 were cited on suspicion of drinking alcohol before driving. The arrests were made on East Vista Way near Oak Drive, where nearly 1,400 vehicles were […]

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2 hurt in hit-and-run, one Navy Seal

April 2, 2008 No Comments

April 5, 2008 Update from the San Diego Union Tribune: …Witnesses claimed the pedestrians, Salvatore Defranco, 24 and Damon Seamons, 24, were not fighting, as police first reported, but arguing as they crossed the street. Defranco’s head injuries are considered life-threatening, police said. Original Story: San Diego police are investigating a felony hit-and-run in Pacific […]

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Fishy Letter to Editor: Driver checkpoints yield few arrests

March 25, 2008 No Comments

Is it just me or is it strange to you that an alcohol-industry executive would write a letter to the editor about not doing DUI checkpoints and encouraging doing more roving patrols? What could be her motive? Getting more of her clients (bars/restaurants/stores) customers arrested? Hmmmmm. Here’s the letter: Chula Vista police spent a lot […]

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2-day police checkpoint nets seven DUI arrests

March 21, 2008 No Comments

CHULA VISTA: Seven people were arrested on suspicion of drunken driving during a police checkpoint conducted Friday and Saturday, Chula Vista police said. Officers contacted 518 drivers in the two days in the city, including at the checkpoint at Bonita Road and Willow Street. Roughly 50 drivers were cited for various violations, such as driving […]

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Suspected drunken driver injured after hitting tree

February 27, 2008 No Comments

A drunken driving suspect was injured Monday night after the car he was driving ran off the road and struck a tree. The 24-year-old was heading north on Lamont Street not far from Crown Point Drive just after 10 p.m. when he failed to negotiate a curve, San Diego police said. The man was taken […]

Drunk Drivers

Man run over in Pacific Beach alley

December 5, 2007 No Comments

A 30-year-old man was run over early Wednesday morning outside a Pacific Beach bar after a friend he was with got into an argument with a man, police said. After the two men exchanged words shortly after midnight near a bar on Garnet Avenue near Everts Street, the assailant got into his SUV and the […]

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Pacific Beach is hoping to reduce drunk driving

October 12, 2007 No Comments

Chet Barfield. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Oct 12, 2007. pg. B.2 SAN DIEGO — San Diego State University and a Pacific Beach business group launched a campaign yesterday intended to reduce drinking and driving. The merchant association Discover Pacific Beach said at least 20 bars and restaurants in Mission Beach […]

Alcohol Task Force, Bars and Restaurants, Drunk Drivers

Woman steps out of taxi into path of motorcycle in Pacific Beach

October 4, 2007 2 Comments

SAN DIEGO – A woman who police said was intoxicated was seriously hurt in Pacific Beach early Thursday morning when she got out of the back of a taxicab and stepped into the path of a motorcycle.Police said the woman, who is in her 20s, closed the door, turned and walked into oncoming traffic on […]

Drunk Drivers

Two drivers caught after fleeing from checkpoint (Lemon Grove)

September 9, 2007 No Comments

Kristina Davis. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Sep 9, 2007. pg. B.3 It was a wild night for sheriff’s deputies conducting a DUI checkpoint in Lemon Grove as they chased down a driver who crashed into a patrol car and they fired shots at another motorist who attempted to run them […]

Drunk Drivers

Another New Record – 27 DUI’s in one Checkpoint

September 7, 2007 No Comments

Police setup a checkpoint in Pacific Beach September 1st that yielded 27 drunk driving arrests. This number surpasses a recent record 24 drunk driving arrests the previous weekend (click here for story). I’ve seen checkpoints setup in places like Carlsbad where after several hours they net 3 DUI’s. I think it’s astounding that 51 people […]

Drunk Drivers

Police DUI checkpoint yields record 24 arrests

August 25, 2007 No Comments

The San Diego Police Department arrested a record 24 people for driving under the influence Friday, August 24 at a checkpoint. The previous record was 16 at a checkpoint in 2004. In each arrest, the driver’s vehicle was impounded. Three passengers were also arrested for being drunk in public. It should be noted that this […]

Checkpoints, Drunk Drivers

Two Women Sought In Pacific Beach Hit-And-Run

August 11, 2007 No Comments

August 11, 2007 SAN DIEGO — San Diego police Saturday sought two women in a dark- colored Nissan or Audi who struck and seriously injured two other women.The accident on Cass Street and Grand Avenue occurred about 9:40 Friday, said Sgt. Rich Nemetz. The suspect vehicle has custom wheels and tinted windows, he said. […]

Drunk Drivers, Hit and Run

DUI checkpoint yields eight arrests

July 22, 2007 No Comments

The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jul 22, 2007. pg. B.3 IMPERIAL BEACH — Sheriff’s deputies arrested seven motorists on suspicion of drunken driving during a six-hour DUI checkpoint Friday night and Saturday morning in Imperial Beach. They also arrested one other driver on suspicion of drug possession and impounded 11 vehicles. […]

Drunk Drivers

Drunken driving arrests about same as last year (Memorial Day Weekend)

May 29, 2007 No Comments

J Harry Jones, Helen Gao. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: May 29, 2007. pg. B.2 Drunken driving arrests across California for the first two- thirds of the holiday weekend remained virtually constant compared with last year, while in San Diego they were down by five. Between 6 p.m. Friday and 6 […]

Drunk Drivers

DUI checkpoint nets 15 suspects (Chula Vista)

December 19, 2006 No Comments

Tanya Sierra. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Dec 19, 2006. pg. B.8 CHULA VISTA — Police arrested 15 suspected drunken drivers Friday and Saturday in Chula Vista in conducting a DUI checkpoint and general patrol over the weekend. Of the 692 drivers who were stopped, 15 were arrested on suspicion of […]

Drunk Drivers

Man Sentenced For Killing Cabbie In Hit-And-Run

October 25, 2006 No Comments

10/25/06 Judge Sentences Former USD Football Player To More Than Nine Years SAN DIEGO — A mortgage broker who was on probation for drunken driving when he drove through a stop sign in Pacific Beach after an evening of partying, killing a cabbie, was sentenced today to more than nine years in state prison. […]

Assault, Drunk Drivers

UC hit-and-run driver sentenced to 9 years

October 25, 2006 No Comments

by Neil Putnam A hit-and-run driver who killed a taxi driver in Pacific Beach was sentenced Oct. 25 to nine years in state prison, and the judge added six months consecutively because the driver was on probation for drunk driving. University City resident Anthony Michael Valanos, 26, a mortgage loan officer, had been free on […]

Bars and Restaurants, Crime and Safety, Drunk Drivers

UC driver pleads guilty in cab driver’s death

March 25, 2006 No Comments

On the third day of his preliminary hearing, Anthony Michael Valanos unexpectedly pleaded guilty on Aug. 30 to vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and faces 11 years in state prison for killing a taxicab driver in Pacific Beach. Valanos, 26, a loan officer who resides in University City, admitted the allegation of hit and run […]

Bars and Restaurants, Drunk Drivers, Hit and Run

Police checkpoint nets 5 DUI suspects (Oceanside)

July 31, 2005 No Comments

Brian Hazle. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jul 31, 2005. pg. B.2 OCEANSIDE — Officers cited 24 unlicensed motorists and arrested five drunken-driving suspects during a DUI checkpoint Friday night on Mission Avenue, police said. Police stopped 364 of the 1,007 vehicles that passed through the checkpoint near North Coast Highway […]

Drunk Drivers

More than 1,000 vehicles screened at checkpoint on St. Patrick’s Day (Chula Vista)

March 19, 2005 No Comments

The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Mar 19, 2005. pg. B.11.6 CHULA VISTA — Police arrested four people on suspicion of drunken driving and two others suspected of marijuana possession at a checkpoint that screened more than 1,000 motorists on St. Patrick’s Day. The sobriety checkpoint was set up on H Street, […]

Drunk Drivers

One arrest is made at a DUI checkpoint (National City)

March 13, 2005 No Comments

Dana Littlefield. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Mar 13, 2005. pg. B.3 NATIONAL CITY — Police arrested one driver on suspicion of driving under the influence during a checkpoint conducted Friday night. The checkpoint was operated on Mile of Cars Way from 8 p.m to about 2 a.m. During that time, […]

Drunk Drivers

Helicopter gets call for DUI patrol

November 25, 2004 No Comments

San Diego police this weekend will use a helicopter while on the lookout for drunken drivers. The helicopter will be deployed late Saturday and early Sunday in and around Pacific Beach and will be in touch with officers in squad cars, department spokesman Dave Cohen said. The air-based crews will have night vision equipment. The […]

Crime and Safety, Drunk Drivers

4 motorists nabbed at DUI checkpoint (Poway)

July 12, 2004 No Comments

Elizabeth Fitzsimons. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jul 12, 2004. pg. B.4 POWAY — Deputies arrested four motorists suspected of drunken driving during a sobriety and driver license check Saturday night. They also cited four people for driving without a driver license and three others for driving on suspended licenses. Deputies […]

Drunk Drivers

Suspected drunken driver held after 20 cars are hit in Pacific Beach

June 15, 2004 No Comments

SAN DIEGO – A 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving after striking at least 20 vehicles in Pacific Beach early Tuesday, police said. The destruction began about 2 a.m. near Mission Boulevard and Sapphire Street, police said. “People reported hearing screeching noises in the area,” said police spokesman Dave Cohen. A number […]

Drunk Drivers

Holiday DUI arrests up by 5% over 2003 | CHP says 280 cited on local highways

June 2, 2004 No Comments

Brian Hazle. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jun 2, 2004. pg. B.3.1.6 The number of drunken-driving arrests on San Diego County highways rose slightly over the Memorial Day weekend compared with last year, the California Highway Patrol said yesterday. Over the weekend, 280 motorists were arrested on suspicion of driving drunk, […]

Drunk Drivers

Police on alert for drunken drivers

May 28, 2004 No Comments

Traffic patrols across the region and the state are on the lookout this holiday weekend for drunken drivers. San Diego police arrested 11 people on suspicion of driving under the influence Friday after stopping more than 1,100 vehicles at a Pacific Beach checkpoint. They monitored motorists at Grand Avenue near Culver Street for six hours. […]

Crime and Safety, Drunk Drivers

Making city safer, one DUI arrest at a time

December 26, 2003 No Comments

Joe Hughes. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Dec 26, 2003. pg. B.2 Drinking and driving don’t mix — especially on Officer Tom Broxtermann’s beat. In his 18 years with the San Diego Police Department, Broxtermann has arrested more than 2,400 suspected drunken drivers, by far the most of any officer on […]

Drunk Drivers

Man is jailed on suspicion of DUI

October 12, 2002 No Comments

A 24-year-old man was jailed on suspicion of driving under the influence after two cars collided at Oliver Avenue and Gresham Street in Pacific Beach, trapping one driver inside a vehicle. San Diego police Lt. Rodney Vandiver said the 24-year-old driver of a Honda Civic ran a stop sign at 5:35 p.m. Saturday, broadsiding a […]

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DUI Driver Strikes Police Car – Officer Rushed to Hospital

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Man stabbed in back while walking with girlfriend

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Man sought in Pacific Beach hit-and-run

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PB: Police Arrest 45 at DUI Checkpoints Saturday (51 in area)

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DUI checkpoint moved (with direction from City Hall) from Pacific Beach

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‘Statue’ stolen from Pacific Beach restaurant

An advertising agency is offering a reward for information leading to the return of a $10,000 life-size statue that...

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Group pushes for crackdown on PB bars

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‘Instant Justice’ program a win-win for transgressors, City

Nearly 60 people cleaned up the shoreline, streets and sidewalks in Pacific Beach Tuesday to erase tickets for minor...

SD’s ‘Instant Justice’ Clears Beach Areas, Citations

Program Participants Pay $40 Fee, Complete Five Hours Of Community Service A new community service program launched on Tuesday...

Armed man stabbed at Pacific Beach party

An armed man who showed up at a neighbor’s house in Pacific Beach early Saturday to complain about a...

PB, Alcohol and You Creating Forward Movement

Focus on alcohol-related and other safety issues in Pacific Beach, California What’s going on? There are many residents, businesses...

More PB Fights reported by YouTube users

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DUI Driver Flips Car on Ingraham

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Open Letter to the PB Shore Club

Dear Shore Club, You’re spamming our community with your posters promoting Shore Club’s 2nd annual Oyster Event being held...

Surf’s Up: PB Sign Surfs Grand Ave.

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Last Night in Pacific Beach

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Many Other NFL Players Getting DUIs since 2010

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Home in PB and the living’s easy

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What are the odds? Charger Player Applewhite arrested for DUI in PB

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Hat’s off to the problem PB bars and restaurants who are doing such a great job ruining our community’s...

Alcohol License Applicant ‘Mastermind’ Arrested by Feds in USD Basketball Fix

A Pacific Beach alcohol licensee was approved to continue operations in PB and also recently applied to sell full-spirits...

PB DUI Checkpoint yields 25 Arrests – Again…

… At the Pacific Beach checkpoint, on Grand Avenue near Culver Street, San Diego police officers screened 725 vehicles,...

Drunk Man Crossing Street In PB Hit By Car

A 23-year-old man is recuperating Wednesday after he was struck by a car while attempting to cross a Pacific...

US senators urge end to drunk driver ‘apps’

US senators on Tuesday pressed Google, Apple, and Blackberry maker Research in Motion to pull the plug on applications...

Just 8 Days of Pacific Beach’s Nightlife

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St. Patrick’s Day in PB 2011

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Telling SDSU study on overserving from local bars

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Video Prompts Proposed Permit For PB Bars, Restaurants

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Designated driver sign

Designated driver sign Originally uploaded by pbSpirits Bar encouraging people to use designated driver progeam. Do these designated driver...

Parked Hare Krishna van struck

Parked Hare Krishna van struck Originally uploaded by pbSpirits Looks like the Hare Krishna van got rear ended on...

Dueling Ideologies In Pacific Beach

It is just before noon on a Saturday morning and many of the collegic inhabitants of Pacific Beach are...

Women fighting in 7-11

Two women were involved in a fight in a Pacific Beach 7-11. Other’s started fighting as well while many...

Police Say Chargers’ Naanee Not Involved In PB Fight

Amir Khan Severely Injured In Incident At Bar West POSTED: 10:57 am PST December 14, 2010 SAN DIEGO —...

Fight At Bar West Sends Man To Hospital (Football Star Allegedly Involved)

A man in his 20s was hospitalized following a fist fight in a Pacific Beach parking lot early Monday...

Thankful in Pacific Beach this Thanksgiving morning

Early this Thanksgiving morning police were chasing a car who’s driver wouldn’t stop, turning off their headlights at times...

Two drivers suspected of drinking collide in Pacific Beach

Two drivers were arrested on suspicion of drunken driving after a Tuesday night collision in Pacific Beach which left...

Drunk Driving Crash in Pacific Beach

PACIFIC BEACH – A suspected drunk driver left a portion of Pacific Beach without electricity and contributed to congestion...

Frommer’s Travel Guide: Not so glowing review on PB culture

In Frommer’s San Diego 2010 a review on Tower 23 includes: “…the PB party atmosphere still pervades. Don’t be...

4th annual Pacific Beach “Scavenger Hunt” pub crawl

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BeachFest Drunk Visits BeachFest

Here’s a video of a visitor to the Pacific Beach BeachFest held this past weekend. I’m wondering how many...

The $50,000 Corvette that got a little wet (in the ocean off Law St.)

Couple’s RENTED luxury car ends up in the Pacific after beach joyride What’s worse than accidentally driving your own...

Summary of Union Tribune beach-alcohol articles 1990-2007

To help put beach alcohol-issues today in perspective of our recent history here’s a summary of events from 1990-2007...

San Diego Leads Nation In Drunken Driving Violations

Read the complete story from According to, San Diego Has The Most Alcohol-Related Driving Violations Among 20...