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Advisory: Hot Prowl Burglary in PB (aka Man Standing in Sleeping Woman’s Bedroom)

July 19, 2013 No Comments

The San Diego Police Department Sex Crimes Unit is currently investigating a hot prowl burglary that occurred near the 1200 block of Felspar Street in Pacific Beach. At approximately 2:45 a.m. the victim was awoken by a white male who was standing in her bedroom. The victim screamed and the male ran out of the […]

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Alcohol Industry Playbook – Confidential

Alcohol Industry Playbook – Confidential

July 11, 2013 No Comments

Here’s a handbook illustrating the strategies some bar and restaurant owners use to deflect attention away from their businesses. Unfortunately the end result is enormous levels of alcohol-related crimes. Is this a game or does the industry truly want to work with the communities?

Pacific Beach Shore Club Deck Expansion

July 8, 2013 No Comments

I want to encourage good businesses in Pacific Beach but, feel like the lack of state and local oversight on alcohol outlets has allowed these guys to wander too far off the path of acceptable business-influence on our beach environment. If the state and/or city began holding these businesses to standards through fair and balanced […]

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Drunk man breaks into 81 Year Old PB woman’s home

November 11, 2011 No Comments

An elderly woman in Pacific Beach woke up Friday morning to find a man in a Chargers jersey sleeping on her couch. The 81-year-old woman, who lives in the 1300 block of Thomas Avenue, called San Diego police around 7:30 a.m. to report that man that was asleep in her living room. The man was […]

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Pacific Beach 2000 vs. 2010 Census News

September 11, 2011 No Comments

Here is a report of the new 2010 US Census compared to 2000 numbers in various categories. My goal was to learn more about our demographics insofar as age groups, family orientation and housing. Also, for the researchers out there, here’s a workbook with individual year data with more detail. There are interesting shifts showing […]

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A Few August Nights in Pacific Beach

August 31, 2011 3 Comments

These videos include various incidents witnessed by this author during the month of August 2011. Learn more about potential solutions here. We clearly need better camera and computer video-processing equipment. If you believe our collection of impactful videos will help us change conditions in Pacific Beach and the greater San Diego please consider making a […]


Thumbs Up for California Kebab!

August 7, 2011 No Comments

Here’s a letter I sent to the San Diego Police Vice Department, the ABC as well as a number of community groups and committees (PB Town Council, Hospitality Task Force, Discover PB): As an individual community activist and blogger, communicating with a subscriber base of approximately 250 interested folks, I am writing this letter in […]

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Letter from a reader…

July 21, 2011 1 Comment

From a reader: Not surprising you didn’t post this article to your web site. It doesn’t help your cause. It mentions the East Village in downtown SD as an area where alcohol related crime has increased significantly. Didn’t I hear at a PB Planning Committee meeting that downtown SD has a CUP in effect? […]

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Open Letter to the PB Shore Club

Open Letter to the PB Shore Club

June 15, 2011 No Comments

Dear Shore Club, You’re spamming our community with your posters promoting Shore Club’s 2nd annual Oyster Event being held downtown this year at the Embarcadero. Not only is this illegal (I believe potentially yielding you a $100 per sign fine regardless of who distributes them) it’s unethical as you promote yourself ad nauseam as a […]

Many Other NFL Players Getting DUIs since 2010

Many Other NFL Players Getting DUIs since 2010

May 11, 2011 6 Comments

After making a post about the Charger’s Applewhite getting a DUI and researching the history of our players and their DUI charges (among many other charges not DUI-related) I found many other NFL players that have been arrested since January 2010. To date 21 players, a couple of coaches and a team owner. The NFL […]

Home in PB and the living’s easy

May 11, 2011 No Comments

Perhaps every San Diego State student debates moving to Pacific Beach. The rumors are alluring, but the mystery of the place is overwhelming enough for the devils-advocate within to pooh-pooh the idea out of reality. Oftentimes, students forfeit the beach lifestyle to the intimidation of change or fear of the unknown. The leap just seems […]

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What are the odds? Charger Player Applewhite arrested for DUI in PB

What are the odds? Charger Player Applewhite arrested for DUI in PB

May 6, 2011 No Comments

Pacific Beach seems to draw the worst out of our NFL Chargers players. What are the odds that such a small group of players could have so many alcohol-related crimes done by or near them? In November 2009 Antonio Cromartie, then a NFL Charger’s player was questioned after someone broke a champagne bottle over another […]

Telling SDSU study on overserving from local bars

Telling SDSU study on overserving from local bars

February 13, 2011 No Comments

A telling survey which you can see in it’s entirety here was done by San Diego State University (SDSU) revealed many telling facts about actual alcohol establishment behaviors insofar as it relates to over-pouring and over-serving. Here’s some examples: Over 33% of bartenders over-poured drinks Over 90% of servers over-served significantly by selling drinks containing […]

Designated driver sign

February 2, 2011 No Comments

Designated driver sign Originally uploaded by pbSpirits Bar encouraging people to use designated driver progeam. Do these designated driver programs really work? Or, is this just a weak effort to promote a program from a PR perspective?

Parked Hare Krishna van struck

Parked Hare Krishna van struck

February 2, 2011 1 Comment

Parked Hare Krishna van struck Originally uploaded by pbSpirits Looks like the Hare Krishna van got rear ended on the morning of January 16th. They were parked just East of Cass St. On Grand Ave. Wonder if it was a hit and run?

Dueling Ideologies In Pacific Beach

January 29, 2011 No Comments

It is just before noon on a Saturday morning and many of the collegic inhabitants of Pacific Beach are just now wiping the sleep from their eyes, emitting tequila-scented yawns, and regretting that last shot at Dirty Birds at 2AM. More than a handful will roll over in bed and attempt to induce the concentration […]

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Arizonans ignore boycott, flock to beach

Arizonans ignore boycott, flock to beach

August 20, 2010 No Comments

Immigration boycotts and counter boycotts didn’t seem to keep beachgoers from Arizona away from the San Diego shore over the Memorial Day weekend. Pacific Beach was packed on Monday, despite an organized campaign on the website azfightsback(dot)com to get Arizona residents to stay out of San Diego. “Whoever wants to go San Diego or go […]

Charger Steves Wild Rides – Car Show or Cabaret?

Charger Steves Wild Rides – Car Show or Cabaret?

August 15, 2010 11 Comments

If you missed the car show this weekend in Pacific Beach you missed seeing many amazingly beautiful autos from the 1920’s through today. I would love to support this event in the future but, am concerned by what transpired to get this show approved.

La Jolla ramping up with enormous Bar/Restaurant/Nightclub – Mike’s

August 12, 2010 2 Comments

The following is a handout presented to the La Jolla Town Council as part of my personal public comment: Alcohol Licenses and a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) / Deemed Approved Ordinance (DAO) The dread we experience in Pacific Beach several evenings a week and most weekends throughout the year appears to be building over La […]

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Floatopia: San Diego – July 17

July 20, 2010 No Comments

Things were relatively mild in the Floatopia held today. There was a significant police, rescue and lifeguard force at the ready – their not knowing if 1,500 or 5,000 would show up to the event. My belief is the biggest mitigating factor to the event being small in size, compared to previous events, is that […]

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2010 Floatopia on Mission Bay : Sail Bay

July 16, 2010 No Comments

One of the last Floatopia events will take place July 17, 2010. Our hope is that no one is seriously injured. Revelers use a loophole in the 2008 San Diego beach alcohol ordinance to continue their excessive drinking – caring little for the Sail Bay residents, families visiting the only family-friendly park in the area […]

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Streetlights needing repair – pedestrian and driver hazards

July 6, 2010 No Comments

Update: Well, it’s been almost 7 months now and most if not all of the nearly 70 streetlights reported back in December 2009 are still not repaired. After another survey tonight we found an additional 39 burned out lights. We weren’t able to add these new lights to the map right away but, you get […]

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PB Community Leader on KPBS with ABC, SD Police and Bar Representative

July 1, 2010 No Comments

KPBS did an interview to discuss the alcohol issues in Pacific Beach with Scott Chipman from the PB Planning Group, Andra Brown from the San Diego Police, Jennifer Hill from the ABC and Eric Ligenfelder from the Tavern, a local bar.

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Update on PB Town Council vote regarding Shore Club

June 17, 2010 2 Comments

Reporting on the PB Town Council meeting last night: There were obviously many (i.e. estimated 25 minimum) new ‘members’ (in the strictest sense of the word) attending what looked like their first PB Town Council meeting. Coincidentally, where the issue of the Shore Club was on the agenda, many of these new ‘members’ said they […]

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Is the Pacific Beach Town Council putting 50+ years of integrity on the line?

June 15, 2010 10 Comments

Well, it appears the Pacific Beach Town Council, well past its 50th year in existence,  is at it again. I served on this Board for years and am bothered about recent blocks of membership enrollments. Word has it that, earlier this year, the allowed nearly 40 applications for membership to be bought by one entity […]

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Alcohol Culture of Pacific Beach – Slideshow

Alcohol Culture of Pacific Beach – Slideshow

June 14, 2010 2 Comments

Here’s a slideshow created and presented to the gathering attendees of the June 2010 Pacific Beach Planning Group’s community forum. The forum is the culmination of much work done by their Alcohol License Review committee’s and included a visit from Ventura’s police officer trained by the ABC to oversee their conditional use permit. This […]

Letter to Editor: Pacific Beach has more to offer than Floatopia

April 2, 2010 No Comments

Letters to the Editor San Diego Union Tribune A recent commentary (“Floatopia and the beach booze ban,” March 25) described an isolated incident of spring break partyers (sic) taking advantage of a loophole. The author took the opportunity to take this legal issue and somehow connected it to the local business environment of Pacific Beach. […]

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Thousands attend Floatopia in PB

March 21, 2010 No Comments

For the second year in a row, partiers found a way to float around San Diego’s beach booze ban. Revelers took advantage of a loophole that allows alcohol consumption in the water. The ban was approved in 2008. Over 5000 people showed up for Floatopia 2010 on Saturday carrying floats of every shape and size. […]

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An open letter to San Diego and State officials and all colleagues

March 14, 2010 1 Comment

Here’s a letter I sent to our city and state leaders as well as many colleagues: Executive Summary: Visit, join newsletter, leave feedback on posts, invite others Dear Friends and colleagues, I wanted to invite you to visit a new website created to illustrate and document the levels of alcohol issues in Pacific Beach. […]

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Pacific Beach DUI Checkpoints Record Breaking for San Diego

March 8, 2010 No Comments

Pacific Beach DUI checkpoints shown in red yield far more drunk drivers than most San Diego areas. Click the image for an enlarged image or click here for a PDF. Checkpoints are often seen as high-visibility reminders and not necessarily the most effective enforcement opportunity, i.e. compared to saturation patrols. However, in my limited-knowledge opinion […]

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Truer Words Never Spoken – PB Bar and Grill owner shares concern

March 7, 2010 4 Comments

Roger Lee, General Manager and family member that owns PB Bar and Grill, Tremors and Johnny V in Pacific Beach, when asked about the alcohol beach ban was quoted as saying: “I understand and appreciate the ban,” he says, “because I have seen firsthand how out of control these beach parties can be. I also […]

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Pacific Beach Alcohol Related Deaths and Serious Injuries – Who’s Next?

March 6, 2010 No Comments

In Memory Of Those Murdered or Critically Injured by Drunk Drivers in Pacific Beach This website was created to honor the memory of the many people who have been killed or critically injured by drunks, especially drunk drivers, who were drinking in Pacific Beach the day of their crime. Enough is enough. As a community […]

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Place of Last Drink – DUI Arrest Survey

March 6, 2010 No Comments

A year-round survey is conducted by asking impaired drivers, arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), to respond to a variety of questions. One major purpose is for researchers to determine the offender’s place of last drink (POLD). This is the location the arrested individual reported they had their last drink before being detained. The […]

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Pacific Beach – San Diego Votes No to Cuervo Games

March 3, 2010 5 Comments

The Special Events Committee, comprised of representatives from the Pacific Beach Town Council, PB Planning committee and Discover PB the local Business Improvement District met this evening to review and make recommendations to the city about, a special event called Cuervo (Tequila) Games. Many members from the community, including myself, attended to hear the pitch […]

Alcohol Culture in PB, Commentary, Special Events

Pacific Beach: Violent Crimes Up 23% over 2008

February 28, 2010 No Comments

We provide many statistics in our Key Facts page found in our top navigation area. One latest analysis looks at 2007-2009 Federal Index crimes. These are crime numbers every major city in America sends the FBI for compilation. A major development in our beach communities is the elimination of all legal alcohol use in the […]

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Cuervo Tequila Games in PB?

February 25, 2010 1 Comment

The Pacific Beach Special Events Committee called a special meeting on March 3 at 6pm (see link and click here for a post related to this meeting). The one item on the agenda? Cuervo Games. Turns out Cuervo Tequila is hosting an X-games type event in cities all over the US, starting in Orlando in […]

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Street Lights Needing Repair – dangerous pedestrian hazard

December 29, 2009 No Comments

Many important intersections in PB are in need of streetlight repair or replacement. The following is a map of these streetlights. This map will also be sent over to the San Diego City Streets Division so they can make the necessary repairs. Here’s the list in a spreadsheet format. We’ll report back when they are […]

Business District, Commentary, Infrastructure Issues

The Wild West – for those who dare…

December 27, 2009 No Comments

Welcome to the blog. This blog focuses on alcohol-related issues in Pacific Beach, California. We look forward to helping continue the dialog about our significant alcohol-related issues so that we can together develop solutions.

Alcohol Culture in PB, Commentary, Drunk Drivers

Open Letter to the PB Community

May 28, 2009 2 Comments

There are several considerations to make before the Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) assessment proposal is voted upon. Are you happy with the current proposal? Do you know the details? I’ve expressed my opinions on several issues relating to the existing work of Discover Pacific Beach (BID) as well as the use and allocation of funds […]


(Drunk Driver of) Car crashes into house, pot spills out

March 25, 2009 No Comments

Police found approximately 70 marijuana plants in a Pacific Beach home after a man suspected of drunk driving crashed into the house on Morrell Street on Sunday, March 22 at approximately 4 p.m., according to police officials. Police arrested an uninjured, 63-year old Timothy Woodhouse after he drove into the house. He may have hit […]


Binge Drinking – More Needed to Fight

August 9, 2008 No Comments

Letter to the Editor Normal Heights More needed to fight binge drinking Regarding “Police review rise in rape cases/More cases linked to binge drinking” (Our Region, July 29): It’s not clear from the article whether the spike in rape cases is a direct result of binge drinking. Is the article suggesting there is some new […]

Binge Drinking, Commentary, Crime and Safety

Can’t Bars and Restaurants pay for their own enforcement and security?

May 28, 2008 No Comments

Summary: Providing the city cannot completely enforce the crowds on most nights in PB, should area businesses and local homeowners pay to watch over the thousands of patrons who cause most of the security problems? Or, should those bars and restaurants foot that bill? The proposed MAD assessment includes $136k+ to provide security for Friday […]


Community Meetings and Notices

May 28, 2008 No Comments

This portion of an email was communicated to a resident by Councilmember Faulconer’s office. I was personally told by several residents in this area that they did not receive many of these communications. Are you a business or resident in the proposed MAD district and did you receive these communications? According to the City staff […]


MAD Timeline for Implementation

May 27, 2008 No Comments

The following are key dates in the timeline for the MAD implementation: Tuesday June 10, 2008 – City Council Meeting10 a.m. City Administration Building 202 ‘C’ Street, 12th Floor Review Engineer’s ReportAuthorize BallotingSchedule Public Hearing(all by Resolution) May be moved to afternoon agenda. Item R-2008-1036 Tuesday July 29th, 2008 – City Council Meeting10 a.m. City […]


Disclaimer and Fair Use Act

May 27, 2008 No Comments

DisclaimerEverything written in the main body of the blog is my own opinion. My opinion may be based on incorrect information and I may be competely and utterly clueless and wrong. If you disagree with any of my posts or opinions, please feel free to leave a comment. Intelligent discourse is always welcome. Fair Use […]


Beach Resident’s Responsibilities to the Rest of San Diego

May 10, 2008 No Comments

I was surprised to hear the tone of the Mayoral debate yesterday (La Jolla High School 5/9/08) on several issues including parking meters, oversize vehicle ordinance and the beach alcohol ordinance. That is, it seemed every time Mayor Sanders addressed one of these issues he implied that the beach communities should determine the fate of […]


Fishy Letter to Editor: Driver checkpoints yield few arrests

March 25, 2008 No Comments

Is it just me or is it strange to you that an alcohol-industry executive would write a letter to the editor about not doing DUI checkpoints and encouraging doing more roving patrols? What could be her motive? Getting more of her clients (bars/restaurants/stores) customers arrested? Hmmmmm. Here’s the letter: Chula Vista police spent a lot […]

Checkpoints, Commentary, Drunk Drivers

2-day police checkpoint nets seven DUI arrests

March 21, 2008 No Comments

CHULA VISTA: Seven people were arrested on suspicion of drunken driving during a police checkpoint conducted Friday and Saturday, Chula Vista police said. Officers contacted 518 drivers in the two days in the city, including at the checkpoint at Bonita Road and Willow Street. Roughly 50 drivers were cited for various violations, such as driving […]

Checkpoints, Commentary, Drunk Drivers

Do you care about a CLEAN PB?

September 19, 2007 No Comments

CLEAN PB This is a program, done in cooperation among two primary groups including a student-team from The Art Institute of San Diego and the Pacific Beach Town Council Safe & Beautiful Committee. Our goal is to develop a CLEAN PB campaign including the design, printing and implementation of trash receptacle signage as well as […]


Installment Two: It Works Elsewhere

September 7, 2007 4 Comments

This is the second of three installments of my moderating the Cafe San Diego Installment One – Installment Two – Installment Three Our Police Chief Lansdowne has stated something to the effect of wanting to keep drinking on the beach so the police can keep a better handle on the crowd. He said that […]

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Advisory: Hot Prowl Burglary in PB (aka Man Standing in Sleeping Woman’s Bedroom)

The San Diego Police Department Sex Crimes Unit is currently investigating a hot prowl burglary that occurred near the...

Holiday Week Checkpoints

The Friday, July 5, DUI checkpoint was conducted in the 2600 block of Ingraham Street, and was operational from...

Alcohol Industry Playbook – Confidential

Here’s a handbook illustrating the strategies some bar and restaurant owners use to deflect attention away from their businesses....

Pacific Beach Shore Club Deck Expansion

I want to encourage good businesses in Pacific Beach but, feel like the lack of state and local oversight...

34 Arrested Across 2 DUI Checkpoints

The San Diego Police Department and the San Diego County Probation Department conducted two DUI checkpoints Saturday night that...

Yet Another Police Officer Injured in Drunk Driver Crash

SAN DIEGO – A suspected drunken driver was arrested early Tuesday after he plowed through a stop sign and...

UPDATE: Bad (horrible) day in Pacific Beach – man seriously injured by alleged DUI driver dies

At 9:45 am in Pacific Beach at the busiest intersection in San Diego was nearly entirely closed down for...

5 injured in car accident in Pacific Beach this morning – Possible DUI

Five people are injured after a black Nissan Titan ran a red light in Pacific Beach at around 9:45...

Priest arrested on suspicion of DUI after driving car into building

Ed. Note: My intent is to not be publicly shaming anyone. I wouldn’t normally post this if the fact...

Current Situation and Proposal

This site illustrates problems in a neighborhood of alcohol outlets that are highly concentrated – Pacific Beach. For our...

San Diego police say an overnight DUI checkpoint in Pacific Beach nets 12 arrests

612 vehicles passed through checkpoint An overnight sobriety and driver license checkpoint in Pacific Beach netted 12 arrests for...

Car Crashes into PB Home

Mercedes rammed nearly halfway through the house A suspected drunk driver lost control and crashed into a home in...

DUI checkpoints planned over holiday weekend

The San Diego Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting DUI and drivers license checkpoints at undisclosed locations within...

Pedestrians injured in drunk driving hit-and-run

A man is seriously injured after being hit by a drunk driver in Pacific Beach overnight. A man and...

Bullocks – PB’s Newest Billboard – ~1,100 Sq. Ft.?

Bullocks to this. It looks like the former Jack Daniels billboard, which took over about 1,100 sq. ft. of...

Man jailed after ramming police car in Pacific Beach

A man landed in jail Sunday hours after San Diego police say he beat and choked his girlfriend in...

Garnet Avenue DUI checkpoint nets (14) arrests

San Diego Police officers arrested 14 suspected drunken drivers and impounded 15 cars last night during a DUI Checkpoint...

SDPD Weekend DUI Checkpoints Net 34 Arrests (16 in PB), 37 Impounds

The San Diego Police Department Traffic Division conducted DUI checkpoints on Friday September 7, 2012, and on Saturday, September...

SDPD Labor Day Weekend DUI Checkpoints Net 28 DUI Arrests

The San Diego Police Department conducted three DUI checkpoints during the Labor Day Holiday weekend. The checkpoints were made...

Suspected drunk driver runs over friend

A suspected drunk driver is behind bars after hitting a woman while backing out of a parking space in...

16 Arrested at Pacific Beach DUI Checkpoint

San Diego police in Pacific Beach arrested 16 people on suspicion of drunken driving and impounded 17 vehicles during...

Pacific Beach Checkpoint Nets 6 Arrests

Six people were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs at an overnight checkpoint...

Pacific Beach DUI Checkpoint Nets 16 Arrests, 17 Vehicles Impounded

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – San Diego police arrested 16 drivers on suspicion of drunken driving and impounded 17 vehicles...

Woman Injured In Hit-And-Run In Pacific Beach

Woman Was Crossing Street At Grand Avenue, Cass Street PACIFIC BEACH, Calif. — A woman was rushed to the...

Suspected DUI crash shuts down Ingraham in PB

View more videos at: Source: View a slideshow from 10News San Diego. UT San Diego Report on...

Jack Daniels Gets in on the Action

One issue with all the alcohol problems we experience is we draw even more marketers of alcohol products. Just...

Police Searching For Hit-And-Run Driver In PB Crash

SAN DIEGO — Police on Tuesday are searching for a hit-and-run driver who hit at least two vehicles in...

(DUI Crash) Driver ordered to pay friend’s medical costs

Driver ordered to pay friend’s medical costs A judge ordered a drunken driver to pay more than $7,500 in...

San Diego police arrest 9 DUI suspects during St. Patty’s Day checkpoints

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – San Diego police officers arrested nine suspected drunken drivers at a downtown checkpoint and extra...

Suspected DUI driver runs over woman lying in Hillcrest alley

A suspected drunken driver allegedly ran over a 27-year-old woman who was lying in a Hillcrest alley early Saturday,...

Woman Found Unconscious In PB May Have Been (Sexually) Assaulted

22-Year-Old Found Drunk, Partially Nude In Alley A 22-year-old woman found drunk, unconscious and partially nude in a Pacific...

Coronado Residents Concerned Over Alcohol Permits – San Diego News Story – KGTV San Diego

Some longtime Coronado residents are concerned that their town could soon mimic the bar scene in Pacific Beach or...

PB Shore Club wins Expansion bid

The Pacific Beach Shore Club was approved by the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) to expand their premises onto a...

Rally, walk targets Proliferation of alcohol permits in PB

Concerned citizens walk past Crystal Pier on Jan. 27 on their way up Garnet Avenue to get their message...

Judgment Finalized In Legal Battle Over Golden Hill MAD

The judgment is final. Now, a group of residents in Golden Hill and South Park — who have spent...

Charger sued in 2009 bottle incident

A man has filed a lawsuit against San Diego Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips alleging the player broke a Champagne...

Man Seriously Hurt In Pacific Beach Hit-And-Run

Man Had Just Got Out Of Taxi, Hit By Toyota Yaris, Police Say SAN DIEGO — A 28-year-old man...

Shots Reportedly Fired In Pacific Beach

Shots Reported Fired In 1800 Block Of Hornblend Street POSTED: 7:38 am PST January 19, 2012 SAN DIEGO —...

US ‘drunk driver’ swims off to escape arrest

This is an update of the story below. This story also made international news agencies also shown below. SAN...

Drunk in PB at 2AM? Cops in the Rear View Mirror? Ditch the Car, Disappear in the Ocean!

SAN DIEGO — Authorities searched for hours early Tuesday for a man suspected of drunken driving who ran away...

PB Resident Fights Bar’s Plans To Expand

See the video SAN DIEGO — A Pacific Beach resident told 10News on Tuesday he has proof that too...

3 Checkpoints Net 12 Drunken Driving Arrests

SAN DIEGO — Three checkpoints set up in Pacific Beach, Imperial Beach and Chula Vista overnight netted 12 suspected...

(DUI) Driver Crashes Into Fire Hydrant, Parked Car In PB (at 11am)

A suspected drunken driver was taken into custody Friday after crashing into a fire hydrant and a parked car...

Drunk man breaks into 81 Year Old PB woman’s home

An elderly woman in Pacific Beach woke up Friday morning to find a man in a Chargers jersey sleeping...

Pacific Beach Checkpoint Nets 12 Arrests

SAN DIEGO — San Diego police arrested a dozen people on suspicion of drunken driving and impounded nine vehicles...

Letter: San Diego’s Continuing Taxi Cab Scandal

This is a letter to the editor in response to the article by former Superior Court Judge Larry Sterling...

Another DUI Crash in PB

Early this morning an drunk driver crashed and most likely totaled a parked car on Grand Ave. at Mission...

Bike Police Catch 3 Armed Robbers in PB

Here’s a great story about police catching armed robbers utilizing their bicycle patrols. We’re trying to raise funds to...

KPBS Interview Community Leader, Businessman and ABC

This afternoon KPBS Radio featured a story on the PB Planning Group’s report on the alcohol licensing and CUP...

Officer Hurt After Car Crashes Into Police Car