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Beach booze ban? Voters should have final say — again

September 7, 2007 No Comments

The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Sep 7, 2007. pg. B.8 As the City Council considers a sweeping prohibition against alcohol at San Diego’s beaches, it should be mindful of the voters’ repudiation of a much more limited booze ban five years ago. Ample public hearings are essential to devising a workable […]

Beach Ordinance

Faulconer: Beach brawl `disgrace’ | Councilman will seek ordinance banning booze from shoreline

September 5, 2007 No Comments

Chet Barfield, Joe Hughes. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Sep 5, 2007. pg. B.1 SAN DIEGO — The rowdy drunks might have finally spoiled the party for everyone else. Revisiting the site of Monday’s melee at Pacific Beach, San Diego Councilman Kevin Faulconer yesterday vowed to introduce a proposal to ban […]

Beach Ordinance

16 arrested after fight at beach becomes melee

September 4, 2007 No Comments

David E Graham. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Sep 4, 2007. pg. B.2 PACIFIC BEACH — A melee broke out on the beach yesterday afternoon as people started throwing plastic bottles and cans at police officers who were called to break up a large fight. Sixteen people were arrested on charges […]

Beach Ordinance

Open Letter to Kevin Faulconer – RE: Beach Alcohol Task Force lack of progress

August 31, 2007 1 Comment

Dear Kevin, I would like to setup a meeting with you to discuss a couple issues relating to the Beach Alcohol Task Force next steps. I am very concerned about several issues including: 1. Why the minutes for the last couple of meetings have been completely minimized – rendering them virtually useless. By this I […]

Alcohol Task Force

Beach Alcohol Task Force: Revising Minutes?

July 13, 2007 1 Comment

The Beach Alcohol Task Force (BATF) was created by District Two Councilman Kevin Faulconer to be a ‘holistic’ review of alcohol-related issues in the beach communities of Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay Park and Ocean Beach. To that end he convened 10 meetings from October 2006 – June 2007. These meetings were initially well […]

Alcohol Task Force

Part Four: Task Force Lacking?

July 13, 2007 No Comments

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 This is the fourth installment to today’s Café San Diego. Please feel free to contribute to any section posted today which you will see below. To read others’ comments, click the link at the end of this section. I’ll do my best to […]

Alcohol Task Force, Commentary

While many who played at San Diego County’s beaches and bars partied without incident, police last year nabbed thousands whose boozy revelry made them … DRUNK IN PUBLIC

July 4, 2007 No Comments

Agust n Armendariz, Brooke Williams. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jul 4, 2007. pg. B.1 CORRECTION: FOR THE RECORD | In a story Wednesday about people arrested for public drunkenness, the last name of San Diego police Lt. David Rohowits was misspelled as Rohowitz. The Union-Tribune regrets the error. (Jul. 6, […]

Beach Ordinance

Alcohol Task Force: Complete San Diego Community News Coverage

June 28, 2007 1 Comment

San Diego Community News Beach Alcohol Task Force Coverage August 2006 – June 2007 The following is a compilation of stories published by the San Diego Community News whose papers include the Beach and Pay Press and the Peninsula Beacon News. Most recent stories are listed first. Beach and Bay Press Booze-free zones eyed as […]

Alcohol Task Force

Panel to wrap up talks on Ocean Beach alcohol ban

June 23, 2007 No Comments

CHET BARFIELD. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jun 23, 2007. pg. B.2 SAN DIEGO — San Diego Councilman Kevin Faulconer’s Beach Alcohol Task Force will meet Monday evening for the last time to debate whether drinking should be banned on Ocean Beach between the pier and lifeguard tower. The advisory panel […]

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Beach Alcohol Task Force (BATF) reports

June 21, 2007 No Comments

Beach Area Alcohol Task Force The BATF meeting sessions are completed. The following are meeting minutes: Meeting Minutes June 2007 May 2007 April 2007 March 2007 ::: March 2007 – Revised February 2007 ::: February 2007 – Revised January 2007 ::: January 2007 – Revised December 2006 November 2006 October 2006 Initial Announcement: Press Release […]

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Panel still unsure on alcohol ban

June 6, 2007 No Comments

Chet Barfield. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jun 6, 2007. pg. B.4 SAN DIEGO — Everybody’s for more bathrooms. But you want to ban drinking at Mission Beach, Ocean Beach and/or Pacific Beach? Prepare for a rumble. At what was supposed to be its final meeting Monday night, a 14- member […]

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Beach Alcohol Task Force: Consensus Action Items

Beach Alcohol Task Force: Consensus Action Items

June 4, 2007 No Comments

From October 2006-June 2007 Councilmember Kevin Faulconer organized the Beach Alcohol Task Force. Comprised of community members from Pacific, Mission and Ocean beaches, the task force sought a holistic approach to solving issues surrounding alcohol in the beach communities. At each monthly meeting, local experts and the public spoke on various topics, including on-sale and […]

Recommendations to Beach Alcohol Task Force

May 14, 2007 No Comments

The following are a list of recommendations I am suggesting the Beach Alcohol Task Force consider implementing to address the growing alcohol-related problems in Pacific Beach and surrounding communities: Crime and Safety 1 Goal Develop a statistically valid period of crime rate statistics including San Diego Police, Fire and Lifeguard service calls and response data. […]

Alcohol Task Force

No booze on beaches July 4, group urges | Task force looking into alcohol issues

April 17, 2007 No Comments

Chet Barfield. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Apr 17, 2007. pg. B.3 PACIFIC BEACH — Contending that holiday revelry has gotten out of hand, a Pacific Beach planning group is asking the San Diego City Council to ban drinking at the community’s beaches and bay shores on the Fourth of July. […]

Beach Ordinance

Beach Patrol: San diego

March 31, 2007 No Comments

Click here to see the video. See the 30 minute footage of segments of the Beach Patrol: San Diego series that relates to alcohol-related problems in the community. Note: this is a large file (57MB) and can be viewed on your computer upon downloading – about 3 minutes wait time via cable or high-speed dsl. […]

Beach Ordinance

Letter from former San Diego Police Chief David Bejarano

March 27, 2007 No Comments

The following is a letter from former San Diego Police Chief David Bejarano. He was the Police Chief that came in after (now Mayor) Police Chief Jerry Sanders and upon his departure was replaced by our current Police Chief Lansdowne. This letter was addressed to then Mayor Dick Murphy and the entire City Council. As […]

Beach Ordinance

Cops boost enforcement for spring-break period

March 16, 2007 No Comments

The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Mar 16, 2007. pg. B.2 CORRECTION: FOR THE RECORD | Yesterday’s Crime Watch item about increased police enforcement at San Diego beaches over spring break incorrectly stated that fencing off or roping off areas to reserve them is not prohibited. In fact, it is prohibited. The […]

Beach Ordinance

Alcohol-free zone proposed | Combative drinkers make Ocean Beach unsafe, surfers’ `team mom’ says

November 22, 2006 1 Comment

Jeanette Steele. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Nov 22, 2006. pg. B.1 At the foot of Newport Avenue, wetsuit-wearing students from the Point Loma High School surf team congregate at the Ocean Beach sea wall. Julie Klein is a “team mom,” meaning she watches over the surfers as they catch waves […]

Beach Ordinance

Councilman forms alcohol task force

September 30, 2006 No Comments

The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Sep 30, 2006. pg. B.4 Councilman Kevin Faulconer has assembled his beach alcohol task force, a group the councilman promised to form to address the debate over alcohol in Pacific Beach, Mission Beach and Ocean Beach. “You’ve had two separate camps arguing for many years … […]

Beach Ordinance

Faulconer turns to alcohol debate | Councilman to form group to study beach problems

August 28, 2006 No Comments

Jeanette Steele. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Aug 28, 2006. pg. B.1 With debate aswirl again about suds at the sand, the city councilman for Pacific Beach, Mission Beach and Ocean Beach is launching a citizens task force to study alcohol problems in those neighborhoods. San Diego Councilman Kevin Faulconer said […]

Beach Ordinance

Pacific Beach to ask ban on liquor at city beaches

August 5, 2006 No Comments

David E. Graham. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Aug 5, 2006. pg. B.3.C The Pacific Beach Town Council has voted to ask the San Diego City Council to consider a ban on alcohol at all city beaches and Mission Bay Park, the group’s president said yesterday. The president, Don Mullen, also […]

Beach Ordinance

Beaches peachy, but jampacked | City’s parking lots full and closed about 9:15 a.m.

July 5, 2006 No Comments

Joe Hughes and Tanya Mannes. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jul 5, 2006. pg. B.2 There were few patches of open sand at San Diego County beaches yesterday as several hundred thousand people took part in a cherished Independence Day ritual — relaxing near the sea. “The sun, the water — […]

Beach Ordinance

Debate over beach booze isn’t taking a holiday

July 1, 2006 No Comments

Jeanette Steele. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jul 1, 2006. pg. B.1 As July Fourth approaches, a battle over booze still rages in San Diego’s beach neighborhoods, particularly Pacific Beach. Judith Bomberger, a mother of four young children, has asked the Pacific Beach Town Council to back an alcohol ban on […]

Beach Ordinance

Group pursues mail vote on alcohol ban

June 22, 2006 No Comments

Jeanette Steele. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jun 22, 2006. pg. B.2 The Pacific Beach Town Council did not vote last night on whether to propose an alcohol ban on San Diego beaches, angering some of the 200 people at the meeting at Pacific Beach Middle School. Town council President Don […]

Beach Ordinance

San Diego to target beach crime, gangs

June 15, 2006 No Comments

Angelica Martinez and Joe Hughes. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jun 15, 2006. pg. B.2.C City officials hope to safeguard parks and beaches during the summer months by strictly enforcing even misdemeanors and taking a tough stance against gang members. San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, Police Chief William Lansdowne and City […]

Beach Ordinance

Alcohol ban at all city parks possible

April 8, 2006 No Comments

Lola Sherman. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Apr 8, 2006. pg. NC.2 OCEANSIDE — The city is considering extending its alcohol ban, now limited to nine parks, to all municipal parks. Councilman Jack Feller, whose recommendation to study the possibility was approved Wednesday by a 3-2 City Council vote, said “children […]

Beach Ordinance

Pact sought in spat over street fair (PB Block Party)

March 15, 2006 No Comments

Jeanette Steele. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Mar 15, 2006. pg. B.1 There’s a new wrinkle in the battle over whether there should be a successor to the Pacific Beach Block Party this year. The business council Discover Pacific Beach will announce today what it calls a compromise position. If organizers […]

Beach Ordinance

Beach residents brace for Fourth

July 2, 2005 No Comments

Ki-Min Sung. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jul 2, 2005. pg. B.1.1.7 Independence Day is nearly here, but longtime Mission Beach resident Gladys Bridge isn’t celebrating. She’s barricading her property to protect her garden from the out- of-control throngs who descend on San Diego’s beach communities every Fourth of July. “The […]

Beach Ordinance

4 deputies added to patrol beaches (imperial Beach)

June 25, 2005 No Comments

The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jun 25, 2005. pg. B.2 IMPERIAL BEACH — The city is using money from its general fund to add four sheriff’s deputies to patrol the streets and beach during the summer months. Imperial Beach will pay $83,000 from its operating revenues for the extra deputies, who […]

Beach Ordinance

Trash, alcohol and a beach party

July 12, 2004 No Comments

Gina Lubrano. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jul 12, 2004. pg. B.7 It was such a San Diego story. The article Tuesday said that it took six hours to clean up after the birthday that spawned a huge beach bash. It was attended by more than 500,000 people, some of whom […]

Beach Ordinance

Post-holiday beach blues | 6-hour cleanup by city, volunteers gathers 100 tons of trash

July 6, 2004 No Comments

Brian Hazle. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jul 6, 2004. pg. B.1 The fifth of July took on new meaning yesterday for volunteers and city workers who cleaned 100 tons of empty beer bottles, barbecues, beach chairs and other trash from more than a half- million Independence Day beachgoers. Some 30 […]

Beach Ordinance

More police, trash cans and toilets for holiday

July 3, 2004 No Comments

Angela Lau. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jul 3, 2004. pg. B.2 San Diego beach revelers this Fourth of July will find more restrictions on alcohol consumption, more portable toilets, more trash cans and a larger police presence. The city is taking these measures in response to complaints of drunken rowdiness […]

Beach Ordinance

Public property to be alcohol free (Del Mar)

July 2, 2004 No Comments

The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jul 2, 2004. pg. B.10 DEL MAR — Alcohol will be prohibited on all public property here during the July 4th weekend, from 6 p.m. today until 6 p.m. Monday. The ordinance, which was adopted in response to alcohol-related problems in previous years, covers the possession […]

Beach Ordinance

Tougher rules may guide use of beaches | San Diego wants laws in place July Fourth

April 29, 2004 No Comments

Angela Lau. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Apr 29, 2004. pg. B.1 CORRECTION: FOR THE RECORD | A story Thursday incorrectly said that, a small group formed to promote responsible drinking at San Diego beaches, supported recommendations by a San Diego City Council committee to place controls on beach use. […]

Beach Ordinance

Beach-area residents wary of tighter rules | Aim to curb crime, supporters say

April 18, 2004 No Comments

Angela Lau. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Apr 18, 2004. pg. B.2 The battle for the beaches continues this summer. While some beach residents want to restrict the hours fire rings can be used and close Mission Bay Park parking lots earlier, others say such measures could deprive responsible citizens of […]

Beach Ordinance

Group pushes July 4 beach alcohol ban | Move rekindles fierce debate over drinking on S.D. shoreline

March 15, 2004 No Comments

Angela Lau. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Mar 15, 2004. pg. B.1 Sail Bay residents want the city to ban alcohol on all city of San Diego beaches on the Fourth of July, but some beach communities oppose the prohibition. As summer approaches, the debate already has assumed the vitriolic divisiveness […]

Beach Ordinance

Trouble in paradise | Alcohol ban could avert July 4 violence

January 18, 2004 No Comments

The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Jan 18, 2004. pg. G.2 The San Diego City Council needs to start moving now to institute a 24-hour beach booze ban for the July 4 holiday. The massive crowds and vast amount of beer consumption last summer in Mission Bay Park, and particularly around Sail […]

Beach Ordinance

Pacific Beach `sober center’ in the works | Police, SDSU want place for partyers to sleep it off

September 16, 2001 No Comments

Angela Lau. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Sep 16, 2001. pg. B.1 Pacific Beach partyers are so notorious for their rowdy drunkenness that authorities want to find them a place of their own to sober up. San Diego police and San Diego State University’s collegiate alcohol prevention program have proposed a […]

Alcohol Culture in PB, Drunk in Public, Solutions

The sun and sand patrol | Officers work beach under public’s gaze

August 8, 2001 No Comments

Mark Arner. The San Diego Union – Tribune. San Diego, Calif.: Aug 8, 2001. pg. B.1 His beat is the sand at Mission and Pacific beaches, ground zero for one of the more contentious debates in San Diego: whether alcohol should be banned at these favorite tourist spots 24 hours a day. But the way […]

Beach Ordinance

Too many liquor licenses poured into Pacific Beach – Letters to the editor

April 6, 2000 No Comments

Letters to the editor: San Diego Union Tribune Re: “Reducing youths’ access to alcohol” (Opinion, March 30): At the risk of stating the obvious, Vincent Jimno probably had Pacific Beach in mind when he wrote about youth-related alcohol problems. Our community has 177 liquor licenses, where only 78 are allowed by law. The lack of […]

Alcohol Culture in PB, Alcohol Licensees, Bars and Restaurants, Business District, Commentary, Local Laws, The Problems
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